Sunday, July 24, 2011

Peace shattered

Unfathomable act of dreadful violence sends shock waves ricocheting around the globe

to settle in a far off land. Grieving, loving, thoughts are sent back,
helpless to do otherwise but be with you in spirit.

This vicious act rips at the face of fragile, precious peace. Beauty and young lives violated, a chilling nightmare for all concerned and all watching; horrified, sickened, repulsed.


No knee-jerk reaction.
Shaken and shattered - yes, but wise counsel still; calm and measured. A way to respond to terror without resort to heated passion and vengeance.

A beacon of hope in this troubled world.

Thankyou Norway.
East Side Gallery. Berlin.

a Drabble is a story told in 100 words. No more no less.


Bob said...

What shallow, meaningless lives these terrorist types must lead, Sue. You may have better understanding of this, than I do.
What I find incredible is, that they feel it necessary to destroy, in order to make their presence felt.

sue said...

Bob, sometimes it would be easier just to be able to categorise the person as having a screw loose.

Often when the background and events leading up to the horrendous action are known, it's possible to see what happened, what went wrong. I hope that we can learn from whatever is discovered about this man and use that knowledge wisely to ensure it never happens again.

Talli Roland said...

The events are horrifying.

Arti said...

I can relate to the people of Norway... I live in Mumbai and my city has been targeted by terrorists many times, the latest being this month...
May God give strength and hope to the victims and survivors... said...

It's hard to know what to say, but you expressed it all so profoundly.
Thank you.

sue said...

Talli, they are, and the profile emerging of the perpetrator is even more chilling.

Arti, thankyou for dropping by. Yes, your city has had more than its fair share of violence, and my heart goes out to all affected there too. Prayers of strength and hope are so important, and letting others know we care.

Robyn, there's so much that could be said. I found it hard to get to the core of what I wanted to say. Thankyou for dropping by, I really enjoy your visits. Have a lovely summery week.

M Pax said...

Love your essay and the artwork. What happened in Norway ... don't have any idea what to think yet other than shocked and horror. And sad for all those families.

sue said...

M Pax, thankyou. My mind really can't comprehend any of this, and words seem so inadequate to express the grief I feel. All I can do is be with the people of Norway in spirit.

Manzanita said...

WOW That is really good food for thought, especially when we take our lives so much for granted. It's always good to look at the shoes others are wearing.

sue said...

Manzi, life is so fragile and precious. Sometimes it's easy to forget that.

I feel so much for the parents and relatives of the people killed as well as for those of the killer himself. I suspect you'd always wonder if you could have done anything different, if there was something in your parenting that brought it on.

Take care everyone, and let your loved ones know how precious they are.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Incredibly well put. Thank you for sharing this message. Yet another violent act that it's impossible to ever truly comprehend, but your message of peace and empathy is a wonderful one.

sue said...

Shannon, thankyou for visiting and sharing. I've commented before that connecting with others is so important, and never more than when we share grief, and support each other.

Cruella Collett said...

Thank YOU, Sue. It warms our hearts all this support. <3

Rosalind Adam said...

It's the apparent randomness that makes this type of violation all the more destructive. What more can any of us say than "Why?"

sue said...

Mari, I believe that many countries could learn from the emotionally mature approach Norway is taking to this dreadful event. You have every reason to be proud of your people. I'm thinking of you with all that you have experienced this year. Sending soggy hugs.

Roaslind, it's incomprehensible isn't it, and so hard to find the right words.

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