Monday, March 7, 2011

Corporate cows

"Bovines bathe at Busselton beach"

Isn't that a fantastic header! I suspect the journo had fun with the whole article too.

It's so easy when driving for my brain not to really concentrate on what is being discussed on the radio, but this one got my attention.

The idea of a small herd of scrubbed cows being taken to paddle at a beach, with their farmer owners in top hats and tails - well it's different! The artist Andrew Baines has produced some unusual paintings in the past. He combines the sea and corporate types, putting them in the water to show them getting away from the city to enjoy nature. The paintings are dramatic, and encourage one to pause and think about the message.

I understand that he created this "surreal bovine installation" in part to highlight the difficulties faced by dairy farmers with the current ludicrous pricing of milk.  The price of a litre of milk is not much different to a bottle of water. No wonder the farmers are grumpy. I hope this bit of artistic expression helps raise awareness about their plight.

Somehow, I can't imagine the cows I photographed being remotely interested in paddling,  they look too happy relaxing in the paddock.

A video clip of cows, beach and spiffied up farmers and a brief interview with the artist Andrew Baines is available here, and an article with fantastic photos at the link up the top.


Angie said...

Just caught the story on TV - what a hoot!! Thought man & beast were well dressed.

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

Loved your Sh Sh Su, wonder what wonders of Nature formed such magnificent pools in those very old formations...sweet...and the bovine...Scratchy bark at the cows every time we drive by, thinks they're big dogs...have a great week!!!

sue said...

Angie, I didn't see it on TV, good coverage for artist and farmers!
SR-JR I wondered that when I took the photos, it looks like lava bubbles, but I'm not very knowledgeable about geology. Poor Scratchy, cows missed out on the 'play with me' gene!

Boonie S said...

What an udderly fascinating post.

Have a great weekend, Boonie

Miss Becky said...

ha! that Boonie and his quick wit. he's a hoot. gotta love 'im. and I love this post. I grew up on a dairy farm - cows are as familiar to me as cats and dogs. I was very proud when my dad spilled to me one day that he'd named one of his prized bovines Becky. never forgot that. I never did get onto the back of one though. I really enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing. and have a fantastic weekend Sue!

sue said...

thanks Boonie, Your quick wit is delightful and really welcome this weekend!
Beckie, I'm glad you had time to look at the video, it's such fun. I can understand you being pleased for a cow to share your name, they're such lovely looking creatures (though I'm always pleased when they're behind the fence and I don't have to try to shoo them away - I'm not a farm girl and find them a bit intimidating)