Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog break activities - Thurra National Park

The steady "thuk, thuk," of fat, lazy drops of rain,
flopping, lethargic on the tent awning,
unhurried, yet wetly persistent; fall from overhanging leaves and limbs.

The swift flap, swoosh, of the black currawong’s wings
come to peruse our camping supplies.
Well-sealed containers, transparent, tease the birds.
An empty promise of tantalising goodies.

Claws scrabble ineffectually; it’s a pointless exercise. We won’t feed them; encourage dependence and disease. Eyes bright, accusing, they fly off, defeated.

Mozzies buzz; keen to feed - undeterred by rain and cold.

Think of friends touring Europe, the art and culture,
crowds and queues,

and feel content.

After the rain.
Thurra National Park. North East Victoria.
Thurra National Park. 


Bob said...

Yay! Good to see you are back, Sue.

I bet, by the look of the photos, that it was difficult to leave there, and come home, or was it - with the mozzies?

sue said...

Hi Bob, it's good to be back! It's only for a few days though, as I'm still travelling - there's nothing like extended leave :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Admire your not breaking the laws of nature and feeding the birds. Pretty sure I would have caved.
What a lovely place.

Jan Morrison said...

Lovely post and I'm with you on where to be completely relaxed! Though the man and I are going to Paris in October!

Dafeenah said...

Did you enjoy your break? From the looks of those pics I would say yes. Are you back for good or just popping in to say hi?

Ms. Becky said...

YOUR BACK! oh joy. the photos are divine. take good care Sue.

sue said...

Patti, I would have felt really bad as we'd just had a cuppa with the ranger and he'd talked about the birds and animals becoming very aggressive after being fed. (but it's really tempting nonetheless!)

Jan, I love the bush, I think it's my favourite place. But Paris is pretty neat too :)

Dafeenah, YES!!! Had a wonderful time, and looking forward to more.

Becky, lovely to see you! Thankyou.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. glad you're having lots of different sites and experiences.

Would love that extended leave - one day! Cheers for now .. those pictures are fantastic .. Hilary

Duane said...

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