Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yulong River near Yangshuo, China.

The area around Guilin is a popular holiday destination offering lots of typical as well as less common attractions.
Camel and pony rides
Some enterprising micro business-people had equipped themselves with digital cameras, computers and printers to capture the merriment and sell the prints for a modest fee.
Stalls set up on the breakwater
One husband and wife team had positioned themselves midway on the breakwater in the Yulong river near the Yangshuo Resort.  The prime position on the breakwater was where most rafts would need to stop for the passengers to disembark so that the raft could be pushed across the concrete ready to continue down the river. Any movement on the concrete needed to be undertaken carefully, as weed and slime was growing healthily in the clean water.
Rafts (complete with umbrellas) need to be pushed over the breakwater
to continue down the river.
Each morning this couple waded across the dangerously slippery concrete and through the flowing water pushing an elderly wooden cart containing the heavier items such as the computer and printer. A cheerful umbrella was erected at a jaunty angle to protect the electronics from the elements. The wife then paddled back to the riverbank near the village to collect the lighter items, camera and drinks while her husband began getting ready for the crowds that would soon float down, being punted by strong men. I couldn't work out how they powered the electronics, but they managed somehow.
Bicycle stall set up on the concrete bank.
Monkeys on the right dressed in gold costumes
and bright outfits for tourists to be photographed in.

Bamboo rafts pulled up at the bank ready to...
be loaded on to trucks to go back up the river to start again
with a new group of holiday-makers
After the fun, you can choose from a variety of cafes,
bars and restaurants for refreshments.


jabblog said...

Crossing the breakwater looks hazardous! How enterprising of the local people to find a niche market - I wish them luck:-)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. what an amazing place .. so interesting to have been there and seen all this. They are an enterprising bunch ..

I read that the motorways get choked up and usually have solid traffic on them - so the locals just open cafes and supply the drivers with food, etc along the way .. if 4 wheels can't move then feed them up and earn some extra cash for the family.

Love seeing the photos etc .. Cheers - Hilary

sue said...

jabblog, it was hazardous, we saw a couple of people skid and fall heavily. I like the 'can-do' attitude too.

Hilary, We didn't experience motorways like that, but what you describe doesn't surprise me at all!

Arlee Bird said...

This looks like a real adventure. I doubt whether I'll ever go there, but you are fortunate to have had such an experience.

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