Monday, January 23, 2012

Summertime escapism

How many times have you heard "The best camera is the one you have with you", and how often have you wished you'd taken that advice? 

If my husband had packed the camera one fine day a couple of weeks ago,  and if he'd been quick off the mark and possibly elbowed aside a couple of hundred hefty fisherpersons, onlookers and tourists, we'd have a video to rival the one below. 

Unfortunately, the camera was nestled safely at home. On the kitchen table. Snug in it's little case. Gathering dust. Ignored and lonesome.

This is our local pier. Normally it's packed with fishermen and women experiencing varying degrees of success in the fish catching stakes.
 The pier was rotting, so the authorities decided it would be a good idea to partially reconstruct it.
The pier doesn't usually attract noisy crowds, but this fine sunny Sunday, people were lined up leaning all along the railing, hooting with laughter and cheering. Fishing rods, bait and buckets lay where they had been flung aside - their owners enthusiastically elbowing each other aside to watch the show.
A fisherman had caught a garfish and had been reeling it in with glee. A passing duck saw an opportunity to freeload and wasn't going to let the tasty flapping fish pass. He wanted that fish!

The fish was well hooked.

The fisherman wanted the fish. The duck wanted the fish. The fish wanted to get away.

The fish was caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. There was a tussle of gigantic proportions. Some of the rapidly swelling crowd took the side of the duck, some took the side of the fisherman. A few kindhearted souls took the side of the fish.

Seconds turned into minutes. The fisherman reeled. The duck tugged. The fish flapped. The tug of war seemed to be stretching the already slender fish.

Being Australia, no doubt someone was taking bets.

When the duck   f i n a l l y   won, there was more laughter and cheering, general slapping of backs and smiles all round.

And the serious business of fishing resumed!

Watch till the end. There's one crazy guy in a kayak - with shark!
Everyone has a fishing story! What's yours?



fiziskandarz said...

haha nice video :) [ .. and poor bird? ].. we haven't try fishing before, most probably because we think we don't have the patience :P

Michelle said...

Well I usually side with the fish ;) My hubby is a fisherman and he could tell you a story or three in true fisherman style, completely embellished (the fish was HOW big??). I do hear some horrible things too though about what other people and some charter operators do :(

sue said...

fiaishandarz - From watching some of them, I think it's an excuse to sit quietly and meditate ;)

I hope the duck wasn't really injured.

Michelle, I love those stories, you just know no one believes it, but they keep telling them!

I've got my blinkers on today and refuse to think about nastiness for 24 hours!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. brilliant segment - great fun to watch .. cheers!! Good start to my day .. Hilary

sue said...

Hilary,glad you enjoyed it :)