Friday, March 9, 2012

International Women's Day. Inspiring women.

Aunty Rene 1957
Isn't she great! I love that she's so proudly and confidently adopting a new mode of transport and maybe even flouting convention by doing so. Yet she still looks so "proper" and "no nonsense" with her straight back and thick warm coat and gloves. No dangerously flowing Isadora Duncan scarf for her!

I imagine Aunty Rene to be a strong, feisty woman, determined to make her own path in the post war English countryside when money was short and family life challenging. I know too little about her, and never met her, but she's influenced me and inspired me to embrace new technologies - even when they seem alien and unfriendly.

And although one of my blogging buddies (some of you know Roberto of Roberto's Report) suggested that it's never to late to become a bikie chick and follow in my aunt's footsteps that's one mode of transport that I'm unlikely to adopt!

Who inspires you?


Liza said...

This IS an inspiring picture...and it would be fun to learn more about your auntie!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. that's a great photo! We had some friends who bought a Messerschmitt - I remember them getting in and out - never tried it though.

People through the eras have inspired me - as I realise traits and qualities that would be good to have or uphold ... I look back and see the strength in many members of my family both sides ... would like to know now back then ..

Cheers and enjoy Sunday - as evening must have arrived .. Hilary

Michelle said...

oh I love that photo!!! Do you know how old she was when it was taken. I can spend ages and ages looking at a photo like that, imagining their lives, observing their surroundings, where they were, what they were doing, who captured the moment in time etc.

Bish Denham said...

What a fabulous picture! I was blessed to have many wonderful older women in my life. Aside from my mother and grandmother, there was Charlotte the Suffragette, Miss Meada the Inn owner and cook, her twin sister Miss Myra the RN. All strong, independent women. And many others.

sue said...

belated replies - sorry!

Liza, That sounds like a fun trip to England to search out my remaining relatives and chat to them!

Hilary, I often find myself wondering about family members I only know from photos and vaguely remembered stories. Funny how just these glimpses can be supportive or inspiring.

Michelle. Unfortunately no, I could probably do a bit of a search through the family tree to find out. It'd be great to be a fly on the wall just for a few moments wouldn't it.

Bish. Somewhere I've got a book called something like 'strong women, inspiring lives' - I think they touch us perhaps more than we are aware - I''m glad I was able to pay tribute to Aunty Rene in this small way.