Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scrumptious lunch time *sanga

*Sanga = sandwich

With a Scandinavian "open" aspect.

bread or biscuits

The avocado was a bit sad, but I ignored the icky bits.
I only had pre-sliced cheese, and the pack had been left open so it was dry and curled at the edges, but it did the job.

And of course, yummy, yeasty food in a jar (aka Vegemite)  ;-)

Of course this would be perfectly fine without the bread or biscuits, they're really only a vehicle to prevent sticky fingers.

This suggestion came from a comment on a thread on G+. Thankyou! I've been assured that tomato, vegemite and cheese is also a great sandwich filling, but I have yet to try that delectable taste sensation.

Further suggestions are welcome!

Addition: One excellent breakfast or lunch suggestion which I've adopted is:
scrambled egg
a wedge of tomato on the side
and handsomely topped with a sprig of parsley

drool ....... :-p



VideoLeadsOnline said...
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VideoLeadsOnline said...

I'll B savin' my Tube-O-Vegemite for visiting Aussies!

sue said...

Ronnie, It's good to know where there's a stash of good comfort food waiting for homesick Aussies :-)

Dust it off and prepare for the stampede!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. I love marmite - the equivalent .. but I'm sure we have vegimite here too ..

Cheese on toast with marmite; fried and toasted marmite sandwiches (not good for you - but mighty delicious .. and then you can veg out - do nothing!); but that's beyond lunch .. I love bacon, lettuce and avo sandwich .. with a salad ..

Having said all that I rarely eat bread! Cheers Hilary

sue said...

Hilary, the real aficionado can tell the difference;-)
Fried and toasted! Gosh, that sounds impressive, though I doubt I'll try it in the near future.
I've just made some cornbread - I could easily be a bread junkie. Very sensible of you not to eat much of it.