Thursday, July 18, 2013

Perplexing signs which lead to questions rather than answers.

What on earth does this sign, strategically placed atop the motel toilet seat, tucked in carefully and neatly between the lid and the seat mean? 

"Hygenically Cleaned
and Sealed
for your Protection"
I understand the individual words and I think I know what it's getting at, but why is it considered necessary? It raises so many questions ... most appear to have no answer.

Of course it's nice to know that someone has spent time hygenically cleaning the toilet, that's great! So much more welcoming than an unhygenically cleaned loo, brilliant in fact and totally welcoming after a long coffee fuelled drive.

Good to know that a vicious chemical has been sloshed around because as we all know it's so very important for the rear end to be protected in this way and for that chemical to be flushed away into the sewerage system to be treated, neutralised and "disposed of". Vital for one's health wouldn't you say?

Seriously though, I'm never sure what it is I'm meant to be protected from. Extensive research (I asked a couple of friends) has led to more confusion. There are vague comments, some lacklustre handwaving and the implication that "Really you should know about this without being so uncouth as to need to ask."

Clearly I'm not being protected from a white pointer or a croc. It's possible that any stray red-backs or white tails (small, particularly nasty spiders) have been moved on and that's welcome news, but somehow I don't think the sign relates to spiders.

But this is Australia, so it's possible I suppose.

However it's not the toilet I'm most concerned about when arriving at a motel. It's the cutlery and crockery I'd be keen to see with the sign strategically placed, obvious and reassuring:

Because, at present, my dread is that the same person who "hygenically" cleaned the toilet may have inadvertently used the same cloth to "clean" the mugs and glasses after the previous occupant left them unwashed, with toothpaste smeared around the rim, or with dregs of tea or whiskey in the bottom. 

The cleaner wonders: "Hmm, let's see, which cloth did I use in the bathroom? Was it this one, or that one? Oh, hang it all, who cares, no time to waste, on with the cleaning!"

Or perhaps the previous occupant had a cold sore, the flu, a sneezy snuffly cold or some other infection; and being a thoughtful kind of soul they swished some lukewarm water around the drinking vessel then dried it with the bath mat or bath towel, generously spreading germs, soap debris and assorted grime around. They've then placed the items neatly back in place ready for the next occupant to use without any trustworthy sign reminding one to wonder about hygiene or protection.

In short, the sign presumably put there to reassure me, is anything but reassuring!



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. I tend not to dwell on these things .. and hope I don't catch anything!

Cheers Hilary

Sue Travers said...

Hi Hilary, you have a very sensible attitude :)
I LOVE your new photo!!