Thursday, November 28, 2013

UGG Boots. A great Australian tradition.

What is it about UGG boots that has caught the attention of people around the world and convinced them that they should be worn outdoors?

Admittedly, they keep the toes toasty warm on a cold day, when the heating is down low to save on energy bills, but they're not aesthetically pleasing no matter how much bling they're weighed down with.
Unlike a sheep, they're not waterproof. They have no support. And even if they have heels and solid soles, are in no way a match for dedicated outdoor footwear.

 In short, they're a furry, snuggly slipper. 
And like a slipper, they're designed to be worn indoors. They can be slipped on and off the feet easily so that when, for instance, you need to take some scraps out to the compost heap,  you can slip them off and put on something more suitable for the trudge through the damp grass out into the wilds of the back yard.

Speaking of slip, when UGG boots are worn outdoors have a tendency to slip when the sole, heavy with the weight of a human body, is placed on a wet autumn leaf of which there are many in London at present. Don't be fooled by the use of the word "boots".

They. are. not. outdoor. footwear ... Even if you're feeding a cute squirrel.

Watching relatively well dressed people shuffle around like little old folk in a nursing home is perplexing.
They scuff uncomfortably along through the bleak weather, feet slopping around, unsupported in their furry wrapping, the sheepskin getting wetter by the moment.

How did it happen that this useful item of footwear has become an outdoors fashion (sic) item?

Very clever marketing if you ask me!

But I'll never be convinced. Put the bling on; laden them with bows, jewels and heels, no matter what decoration they're strewn with, they'll always be indoor footwear for me.

Bemused sheep, giggling that people have been "fleeced"


Pearson Report said...

Wow - consider yourself HUGGED for writing this post - I am so in agreement with you - what are women thinking when donning these rather unattractive things as serious outdoor footwear… really!

Oh well, there's no accounting for taste. They are fine for slippers; as you say easy to slip on and off and toasty on those cold winter days.

I did chuckle while reading this as I've always wanted to share a thought, or two, and you did it perfectly! Thanks!

Sue Travers said...

hehe, thankyou Jenny. I'll enjoy the hug!

When I was in London, I kept wanting to shout "You look silly wearing slippers in public!" Honestly, what are they thinking? They're not comfortable, and they leak when they get wet. Very strange.

Perhaps I should add a recommendation - don't wear UGG boots in public in Australia! It's only done by boguns.


Pearson Report said...

Thought I don't often talk about my work I will share this little story…
One of my lovely, long time clients gave me a pair for a Christmas gift a few years back. I struggled with how to deal with this gift and finally decided to give them back and explained that my high insteps could not handle the flat, non supportive base. it was the truth so I didn't feel that bad, but really I would NEVER wear them - even as slippers, so what was the point in pretending to like them.

Long story short ever since then I am given a lovely gift card (not that I need any gift) but the thought is much more appreciated compared to getting those "things".

Sue Travers said...

Very tactfully handled Jenny. I've never owned a pair even though one of the factories is not far away. My husband feels the cold and loves his ... but if he wore them any further than the letterbox I'd disown him!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - I'm fairly certain models wear them over here ... but I see them in the streets with heels worn down, flat feet inside them ... totally useless. I hadn't realised they weren't boots though!

Great post - I don't think they're going away for now - til the next fad comes along!

If your hubby gets past the postbox send him over here please!! Cheers for now - I might need a pair by the Arctic air hits us later this week! - Hilary

Sue Travers said...

Hilary, I've read that you've been hit by some pretty horrible weather though I was lucky to miss the extremes. hehe I'm not sure if you want my hubby for his boots or his cuddlyness ;-)