Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I'll see if I can quietly sneak over here without anyone noticing, check out what's on the table and snaffle that sandwich. Tippy toe, tippy toe ... shhhhh.
Oops, they've noticed me, I'll pretend I'm just strolling past, scuffing my feet in the dirt. Nope I wasn't looking at your food. No, not me. True dinks. Cross my heart and hope to die. Must have been someone else.
Look! Behind you! There! That's the emu you're looking for!

Hrmph, they didn't fall for it.

Oh I give up pretending. I'll stretch myself to my full height and stare them down. Intimidation and threats always work!
 What's this? Foiled?
Did they read the signs saying not to feed me?? Damn.
If at first you don't succeed .....

... Emu entertainment on site 34, Mambray Creek, Mount Remarkable National Park.



Jan Morrison said...

love this Sue. The place in Nova Scotia where we used to get our day old chicks (when we lived there and when we kept chooks) always had a few strange species on the go. One year it was emus and oh my god - those emu chicks were the funniest, most alien creatures - with weird bull's eyes on their heads and a voice like something from Star Trek. Love to see them running free!

Sue Travers said...

They're odd looking birds aren't they Jan! It's amusing to see dad keeping his "teenaged" flock together in the bush. They're ungainly, distractible and curious, in much the same way as a human is.