Monday, May 16, 2011

Do as I say, don't...

do as I do...

I know it’s not fashionable but I love my laptop and I also like watching Eurovision. Whilst my laptop is sleek, and has elegant lines that are soothing to the eye and touch, Eurovision on the other hand can be brash, loud and fun. Chalk and cheese in fact.

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On Saturday night they were due to meet and be companionable, with me as the lynchpin. Laptop, meet Eurovision; Eurovision, meet laptop.

The Plan (cue here dramatic music) was for some friends and I to watch Eurovision while chatting on Facebook about the songs, clothing, hairstyles and all the glitz and glamour that makes up the annual feast of wacky, weird and wonderful entertainment. My lovely laptop was vital for this to work smoothly.

My appetite for an entertaining evening was well and truly whetted. I’d watched the excellent SBS documentary ‘Secret History of Eurovision’ which tracked Eurovision through many social and political events with wonderful archival footage tracing its rich and fascinating history.

I’d been educated, now to have fun!

So, from the comfort of our respective loungerooms we were about to share the awesomeness (cough, cough) that is Eurovision. Whilst others around Australia were indulging in themed parties and drinking games we were to have a Claytons party.*

The brilliant Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang had been in fine form the previous two nights. The patter was prepared, along with interviews and general dagging around from their broadcasting shoebox in Dusseldorf, so I was confident we were in for a great evening. (For the record, I was disappointed that Belgium and Norway didn't make it to the finals.)

Now, we all know Blogger had a hissy fit last week, so I’d assumed the general malaise surrounding my reliable laptop was some odd residue from that and somehow mysteriously related.

My luscious laptop and I have travelled happily together through thick and thin for years. Part security guards, through airport x-rays, ever reliable and helpful, ready to do my beckoning at the tap of a key or swish of finger. I’d slip her into a little black leather satchel for safe-keeping, and sashay off to whatever destination was necessary.

”I might just check to see if there are any system updates before settling down” thinks I.

Then nothing. Nil, zilch, zip, zero response. "Oh crap".

I used to say I’m not a gambler, and I’m well known for insisting that students BACK EVERYTHING UP. Maybe I'll have to revisit that assessment of my gambling status?

Confession: "Do as I say, don’t do as I do…" oh crap.

ALL my files, ALL my photos…oh crap. Big time stuff up. And what about the Eurovision Party? I felt like I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. It wouldn’t be the same without sharing and giggling and oohing and aaahing with my FB mates.

Many, many stomach churning hours later, fingernails nibbled, results broadcast – Europe voted for Azerbaijan (safe and bland we thought) and Australia voted for Ireland (lively and fun) – Wonder Son (my techno savvy son) walked me through the process of nurturing lovely laptop back to health. But not before some gut wrenching moments of thinking she’d have to go to a Wizard, and even they may not be able to retrieve any data.

The parting comment: “You were really lucky. You’ve dodged the bullet this time, you might not be so lucky next time. BACK IT UP MUM!”

I have. It is done, and I plan (more coughing) to stick to a backing up schedule in the future. It really wasn’t a fun experience.

Surely I'm not alone? What have you done, or not done with your techie toys equipment?

* the Party you have when you’re not having a party


Dafeenah said...

Uck! I know that sinking feeling in your stomach when that happens. Because of our work we regularly back up our computers. At least the work part of it. If I lost the "fun" part, I could always replace it. it's mostly youtube videos and things like that so while I would be a bit upset I wouldn't totally lose my mind.

Jan Morrison said...

I have an external hard drive where I back things up FAIRLY often but probably not often enough. I also send out my writing to others so that it is backed up that way too. I don't back up my photos enough. If I upload albums to Picasa webs I'm good, I think....
urgh. thanks for making me worry, chum!

Hart Johnson said...

*giggles* I can't get into the Eurovision thing, but that is me... as for the laptop--I am SO GLAD you managed to save it! And thank you for the reminder for me to back my stuff up!!!

Rosalind Adam said...

Glad you got everything restored. I do try and remember to back up but it's such a drag!!! I was watching the Eurovision and Tweeting but it was all so exciting that I fell asleep half way through. I must hastily add that I did have a busy weekend and that it had nothing to do with age ;-)

jabblog said...

Ooh, that gut-wrenching feeling when you just KNOW you should have done as you've told others to do. I'm glad it all worked out, though - and it's good when one's son can feel just a little superior;-)

Ms. Becky said...

I haven't a clue what you're talking about regarding Eurovision, but I do know first hand all about "backing it up". a few weeks back my entire blog disappeared. in trying to "fix it NOW" I accidentally erased all the html code. I am still in awe of the fact that my blog still exists, and I'm still in the dark as to what happened and why. all I know is, when I checked it out on my spare laptop, it was right there where it should have been. I did some research and discovered that "clearing my cache" is everything. that's all it took. and after that experience I was in a big hurry to back it all up, as my computer itself had been telling me to do for months and months. I don't think we had the same problem, but we did each have a "lesson learned" moment! I'm happy you're back in business Sue, and I'm off to check out this Eurovision phenomenon of which you write...

sue said...

Daveenah, so sensible! That's exactly how it should be, mine has all my notes, ideas stuff for the tax man, EVERYTHING - lesson learnt though.

Jan, my swishy external hard drive had been sitting empty for a year! I kept thinking "I'll do that later" - thank goodness I got the opportunity. My kids say Picassa is good, maybe I'll check it out a bit more. Have you backed up now? Hmm?

Hart, Eurovision is an acquired taste! Usually enjoyed with lots of beer and drinking games ;)

Rosalind - backing up is so BORING, and there are much more exciting things to be doing! I love your comment that Eurovision was so exciting that you fell asleep!

jabblog - I felt so foolish, and could almost hear the disbelieving, scathing comments. I give my son full credit for not doing the whole "I told you so" speel.

Becky I suspect Eurovision may not travel well. It's different! It could be something to grow into... possibly...or maybe not...perhaps it's kindest to call it an acquired taste...