Sunday, July 15, 2012

The best way to visit Venice?

What's the best way to see Venice before it gets transported to China or the US to become a massive theme park?

One of my friends insists the only way to travel is by cruise liner, stopping a night, or at most two, at each port. She loves the security of knowing where she'll be sleeping, never having to find accommodation and wonder if it might be a bit too 'local' or unconventional. She happily anticipates a certain standard of food and service, and appreciates knowing what to expect at all times. For the same reason she prefers to frequent a specific chain of international hotels and stick with it where possible. She knows the layout of the room and facilities ahead of time, the staff will speak English, there are no surprises and the bed will be fine!

On a much anticipated trip to Europe a few years ago, the hubster and I chose to be a bit more random and travel only with a carry-on backpack and flexible plans. Where possible we chose local, non chain, owner-operated hotels and followed our noses to choose bakeries and restaurants.  We had some spectacular failures and jaw dropping "they've got to be joking" moments - but I wouldn't have changed anything for love nor money.

In Venice we arrived as passengers from a tourist liner were disembarking and got talking to a couple who were about our age. They quizzed us intently about travelling with carry on luggage, at first disbelieving and then with growing envy. They felt trapped, unable to explore at a leisurely pace and discovered that they disliked the shipboard culture and expectations which they'd expected to embrace wholeheartedly.

I'm not saying one way of travel is better than another. However, it's important to be in sync with your travelling companion so that one person isn't grinding their teeth with annoyance while the other is revelling in an adventure into the unknown.
This cruise liner dwarfs Venice.
How do you like to travel?


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

hi Sue .. couldn't stand the cruise liner - totally agree with all they said ... would never have been able to do the back-pack thing though .. need those little rest stops too often ... and now struggling to walk - til I get it sorted .. but I'd still like to travel - I guess in style .. decent/interesting hotels and taxis .. or tube or train ..

Cheers - I'd get there somehow!! I'd love to see Venice though .. Hilary

Barb said...

HI Sue - You vagabond - always off to someplace for a new adventure. Count me out for the cruise. My husband does like the creature comforts, though - we spent a lot of time in flea bag hotels when we were younger. Now we both like something a bit more cushy.

sue said...

Hilary, I think the rest stops when I've got a pack on are even more frequent! How frustrating having mobility issues, but one of the wonderful things about the internet is being to travel vicariously...and economically!

Barb, I think I was born with wanderlust :) I'd love to be able to afford more comfortable hotels, but it's not possible. We decided years ago that we'd choose this way rather than not go at sure makes home look REALLY good!

cheers to you both


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