Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear weather gods #1

Dear weather gods

Could we possibly have a nice warm day soon.



PS: In case all the energy you're expending on changing our climate has got you confused, I've included a few photos to jog your memory.  We'd like a bit less of this:
Mornington Pier
and a bit more of this:
Frankston Pier
Kananook Creek. Frankston
Southbank Brisbane
Southbank - Brisbane
PPS: It'd be awesome if you could prove the hundreds and hundreds of highly qualified scientists wrong about climate change. Things are a bit tense and fraught at times down here. The fossil fuel industry seems to have got our politicians and decision makers by the balls, and it's not doing the rest of us any good. Could you perhaps have a bit of a chat with some of the other relevant gods about that?


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