Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D. Distinguished scientists. A-Z challenge.

A number of distinguished scientists drowned us in data describing the devastation that could dampen our spirits due to our voracious determination to drill for oil continuously and use all the dark coal completely 'till it disappears forever.

The dastardly shock jocks delved deviously to detect a difference of opinion, then jeered delightedly and defamed the dear scientists calling them deranged, deluded and dreary. They were determined to make a dramatic beat up and tried to discredit the danger. Oh dear; the uneducated dumping on the deeply knowledgeable. I felt deflated when the politicians were also deaf to Earth’s degeneration.

We might need all the help we can get

A Drabble is a story told in 100 words. No more, no less.

Here tomorrow: Environment & Ethics

Over at traverselife, I'm spending the month looking at different aspects of bullying.


Jan Morrison said...

Hi Sue - glad you dropped by again. I really appreciate your comments! I mostly think of this gigantic blogfest as a virtual rave and don't expect to meet too many folks who I think are sympatico. It's not that I'm cynical (well...a bit) but more that I get the nature of these things. But a few of you seem like my type of folks - and you're definitely one. So, I'll stay in touch after the party. In the mean time, yee haw!
Jan Morrison

Dafeenah said...

Too much data but not enough information. Sometimes knowledge can be a dangerous thing.


Jeffrey Beesler said...

Wow, way to stretch the D muscle in this post! It's amazing the kind of alliteration one can come up with during this A-Z Challenge!

Empty Nest Insider said...

Dazzling approach to D! I look forward to seeing more of your blogs in the challenge. Julie

Spadoman said...

You are the queen of alliteration. The first paragraph reminded me of this song and these lyrics.
The writer, Alex Harvey, or, as the band was called, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, put this on one of their albums. I've been listeningto it for decades. Mankind has known for years that we are decimating the planet, yet no action taken by those with the money, (they want more more more), and those of us that voice concern are not heard because we don't weild a large enough pocketbook.
But a great use of your literary skills, no doubt, in this piece.
Speaking of Piece, (Peace).

Peace to you.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, very nicely done! I like the humor and cadence behind this very important and serious little tale.

Miss Becky said...

you are spot on Sue. very nicely done drabble about drilling and decimation. dang it! have a great day my friend.

sue said...

Spadoman, thanks for dropping by and for the link. I'm trying to maintain a sense of humour and wit, but by golly it's hard.
Thankyou to everyone else for taking time to comment, I'll get round as soon as I can. (*sigh, it's nice to know I'm not alone)