Friday, April 22, 2011

S. Shilly-shally

Safeguard our planet.

It’s silly to *shilly-shally around. We need to salvage the situation swiftly and not saunter into the future as if everything is secure. The scientists have solved many sizzling problems in the past and got us out of some supremely stupid situations, but we shouldn’t be slack or serenely indifferent. That’d be slovenly.

I spoke with a saffron robed sheila who said she had specialised superpowers and could streamline the supply of oil and water to see us out - even when we’ve stripped the silver lining from the shale shelves in Siberia.

Should I call her “saviour”?
East Side Gallery. Berlin 2009.
* to be indecisive and get distracted by unimportant things.

A Drabble is a story told in 100 words. No more, no less.
I'll revisit S when the month is over with a Drabble for a Super friend.

Here tomorrow: Tense

Over at traverselife, I'm spending the month looking at different aspects of bullying.

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Roberto said...

...and Salubrious Salutations to Sue!

sue said...

Roberto, haha, I'm all out of witty retorts, but thanks :)

Manzanita said...

Sue, You've used some of my favorite phrases... Shilly shally. I guess we don't realize our phrases until we see them in print, huh? I always said to my kids, "Stop your shilly shallying, and do______."
Saffron robe, too. I use that a lot. See, we must think alike. This post is a favorite.

Eve said...

Hey Sue! I love your blog! What a great 'S' post..I'm just on 'Q', I started have a wonderful way of thinking and putting it down, very enjoyable! And I LOVE the painting!

Tony Payne said...

S-plendid :)

sue said...

Manzanita, I'd thought it was a peculiarly Australian or English expression. I'm interested to hear you use it too. It takes me by surprise when I realise I have favourite expressions.
Eve, thanks, as they say, better late than never. East Side Gallery has provided many of my pics for these posts. It's a brilliant place and really worth a visit.
Tony, thanks!

Joseph said...

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