Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Edna the possum

Little ringtail possum, wide eyed and innocent!
Muddy red paw-prints
neatly paired,
track from feast
to slumber between summertime chairs.

Pink toes should be curled in rejuvenating sleep.
Eyes should be closed
snoring gently and dreaming.

Instead, warily awake and alert,
planning her next escapade of bounding gleefully, noisily, persistently, across the grey wooden deck
with joyful abandon ...
- before dawn.


1 comment:

Jan Morrison said...

I like this Sue! We had some critters around the other night - I know because the dog was crazed - running up and down two flights of stairs, doing his weird suppressed barking, moaning and carrying on. I could've gotten up to try and find out what it was but even if I was expecting at least King Kong - it was probably a slow old porcupine! I told Hoagy that the next time he tangles with one of them - I'm taking the quills out - without aneasthetic - just me, him and some pliers.