Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 5th. Full moon beauty.

Full moon rising, reflected in the mudflats. Near Brisbane QLD.
Technical details: taken with my phone, elbows on the deck for stability.

To the left were little fluffy grey and white clouds, gently coloured, delicate against the subtle pink of the sky.

Right now, the full moon has risen, and the water is glistening and shimmering like sparkling diamonds, which sounds trite and cliched, but it's true! The palm is swaying and clacking in the breeze.

Boats, skitter across the water presumably skippered by fishermen planning "the big catch' at high tide. (Last night must have been good as there are large gutted fish along the intertidal zone). Lights from island homes blink with the movement of the trees.

Cicadas are chattering and Edna the possum (there's a bit more about her here) has woken up, her little pink nose just appeared from between the cushions, and is no doubt planning a night of festivity! I suspect she'll scrabble into her hobnail boots sometime around midnight and thud around the deck with cheerful, joyous delight as I try to sleep. The fruitbats have woken and appear as the classic "bat flying across full moon"... "is this my best angle" photogenic shot which my little point and press has no hope of catching.
Maybe I'll get up at 4am to see if there are any meteors to be seen. Apparently we're zooming through the tails of a couple of comets at the moment. It could be good viewing even with the full moon.



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. looks just blissful and I can see why my festive celebratory picnic would be welcome there - what a fantastic place to take a break in .. so pleased you had a lovely time .. welcome home to Melbourne!

Cheers Hilary

Barb said...

Sue, I read through the recipes down to here (and beyond to Edna). What a pink-perfect sunset over the water. Since I'm land-bound in CO, I'm particularly feasting my eyes on that waterscape!

sue said...

Hilary, sorry I've been so tardy in my replies. It was a lovely break, but it's only a memory now. Squalls are passing over, and it's a bit bleak at the moment.

Barb, I often think of my bloggy friends when I take photos and I'm glad you appreciated my sea views as much as I love your stunning landscapes!