Monday, May 14, 2012

Meatless Monday Recipe - Pesto & Pasta

What to do with the mounds of coriander that were wilfully neglected whilst on holiday and to my surprise and delight, flourished?!
Coriander Pesto

  • a bunch of coriander - about 5 x 30cm of stalk length with lush leaves. Strip the leaves, rinse and spin around in a tea-towel to get the water off. Best done outdoors if there is a lot of water - you don't want the kitchen floor to be dangerously slippery
  • 2 or so cloves of garlic (quantity depending on who you'll be working with the next day - more if you want to offend)
  • a squeeze of lemon juice (a half lemon was on the bench looking at me forlornly, I don't usually add lemon, but it worked well in the recipe)
  • a *small handfull of pine nuts ... or pistachio/almond/cashew - are all yummy. I roast them in the microwave - 1 minute on high, then shuffle them about, then another minute and so on till they smell scrumptious. Resist attempting to eat them straight out of the microwave - they're dangerously hot. It's possible to roast them in the oven or in a frypan - no need to add oil - keep an eye on them as they burn suddenly and taste horrible if they're burnt.
  • a sprinkle of chilli - fresh would be better, perhaps 1/2 of one of those tiny mega hot ones
  • a good slosh of olive oil - I use first cold pressed - Aussie of course!
  • a grind of pepper
  • salt isn't necessary

Buzz in a kitchen whizz or with a buzzy wand Bamix kind of thing.

  • now add a *small amount of grated parmesan or similar - buzz again. It should be a consistency that is safe on a biscuit. Not so thick that you cut it with a knife, and not so sloppy that it runs down your fingers and dribbles onto your clothing.  

*Quantities: small handfull is about the size of a small hens egg or what fits into the cupped palm of your hand... as long as it's a small hand

Next: I'll cook up some wholemeal pasta, maybe add a tomato or two, possibly some well cooked chick peas and a very generous dollop of this pesto. I'll possibly top it with some plain yogurt, but maybe not.

Leftovers freeze well in tiny containers or ice cube trays. Do I need to point out if you use ice cube trays they'll need to be REALLY well washed before you use any future ice cubes in a G&T or whiskey.

Coriander Pesto is also scrumptious with cold hard boiled egg, as a sandwich base with some kind of sustainable fish, with cheese or simply as a 'how do I stop eating this' dip on flat bread or bikkies.

**NOTE: This is one of those embarrassing foods that leaves little green bits between your teeth. Be warned!



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. love this sort of recipe and the ideas associated with it.

I had stuffed pasta with coriander cheesy filling, spinach and hollandaise sauce last night - as I hadn't used the hollandaise sauce on some asparagus I'd bought ..

Delicious - simple and straightforward .. oh yes and piece of salmon as I thought that would be good ..

Love this thought - no can't wait for my other half tonight! Cheers Hilary

sue said...

that sounds good Hilary, how did you do the spinach? My silver beet is looking lush, and I'd love some new ideas other than spanakopita. (I use spinach and silver beet interchangeably as I seem to kill spinach)
I discovered we were out of pasta so used buckwheat ramen noodles which were delicious! They're not something I would usually think of for an Italian style meal.
Enjoy your salmon :)

Ms. Becky said...

Ha! little bits of green in the teeth, who hasn't experienced that embarrassment? Looks like a delicious recipe Sue, I've tired a bit of the common basil recipe.

I'm not sure you've yet heard this good news -

The indefinite detention provision of NDAA was found unconstitutional. It isn't clear where this goes from here. Our congress is still deciding how to deal with this, and of course there's disagreement between the two parties as to how to address the issue. Stalemate/deadlock as usual.

Happy day to you Sue.