Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mornington Peninsula Toy Run

This is the twelfth year of the Mornington Peninsula Toy Run, and the first where I've happened to be in the vicinity with my phone/camera! 

Hundreds of bikes and riders dress up as Santas and elves and many also enter their bikes in a best decorated competition. This year there were lots of cheerful Santas, chirpy elves as well as tinsel sneaking coyly from under black leathers, fluttering like a Mata Hari scarf.

The goal is to help underprivileged families on the Peninsula to enjoy Christmas with food and gifts which have been donated. In 2011, 1500 hampers were made from donated goods, though it's sad to realise so many families are struggling financially.

The deep roar of the convoy, complete with motor cycle police and flanked by police cars with flashing lights, can be easily heard over the cheerful Saturday morning coffee crowds spilling onto the footpaths, already getting into the Summer holiday spirit. Around 800 riders and their bikes were expected this year, and judging from the snaking parade rumbling noisily down Main Street, I suspect that number was reached easily. 
Children squeal excitedly and tug at their parent's hands to hurry them away from a lazy cappuccino. Far more fun to rush the park and gaze in awe and some disbelief at the unusual sight. A fully decorated Christmas tree on the back of a gleaming trike isn't something to be easily ignored!



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. what a fun idea - and I love the idea of tinsel sneaking out from under leathers .. while the sight of a Christmas tree decorated to its full in the back of a bike is just amazing to see - no wonder the kids and boys want to leave their coffee ... I would too. Great cause .. Cheers Hilary

Manzanita said...

Hey Sue,
Some pretty snazzy bikes and even snazzier with all the Christmas glitter. It's such an exciting time for especially the young ones and it makes me sad that certain organizations are trying to do away with Christmas and the name. As in saying a "Holiday Tree" in place of a "Christmas Tree.

sue said...

Hilary the whole sight is impressive. Huge bikes, blokes in leathers and tinsel - it's so unexpected and fun :)

Manzanita, I dislike the whole dumbing down and commercialisation of Christmas. Festivals are a wonderful opportunity to learn about other cultures, their people, countries and religions and even share traditional foods from all over the world. "Holiday Tree" pah :(

Pearson Report said...

Hi Sue - great, cheerful, uplifting post! We have a Santa Toy run here too - what a way to kick of the season of giving.

Cheers, Jenny

sue said...

Jenny, it's lovely isn't it and such fun!