Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Emergency supplies - images of America

E is for emergency supplies, but it's also for energy, the kind generated from the thousands of wind turbines we saw in the Tehachapi Pass. Oh how I wish our government wasn't so antiagonistic towards these wonderful inventions. They make far less noise than a coal fired power station, create less pollution and illnesses (more about illness related to coal extraction and coal fired power stations here) and are strangely beautiful arrayed throughout the hills and valleys.
Watching the blades turning and seeing the shadows cast on the ground is mesmerising. Not good for a driver trying to concentrate on driving on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD, but fine for a passenger desperately attempting to relax in what should be the driver's seat!

As for the Emergency supplies ... what else would a dinky-di Aussie tuck into her pack, but a few little sachets of Vegemite.

When foreign food has lost its charm, there's nothing like a cheese and vegemite sanga to warm the cockles of the heart, soothe the frazzled nerves and put all right with the world again!


Manzanita said...

Hi Sue,
Were you just recently in the States? I looked at the post on Reno. The photo that says Reno on the building. Notice the chemtrail in the sky just starting to expand. We have these constantly. I've been keeping a sky/weather journal for 4 years but I've given up because it is always the same.
I guess I've never heard of vegemet that's not right but Ros said it is the same as marmat. I've never had that either.
Oh, you were talking about wind power. Try and get it. I was thinking of putting it in at the ranch and contacted 3 local wind people and they talked to me a couple times and dropped me. Very strange.

Sue Travers said...

Hi Manzanita! How are you? Yes, I went to Reno for some training which was great. My husband came along and we had a couple of weeks holiday afterwards and headed south through the national parks: Yosemite, Sequoia and Death Valley. Wonderful!!

I was really impressed with the number of wind turbines. The state I live in is almost totally reliant on dirty brown coal, and the government does everything it can to prevent alternatives being used. It's disgusting. I hope you manage to get yours up and running, that'd be great!

Yes, Vegemite is similar to marmite, but the difference is there. I'll eat both, but prefer Vegemite!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - perhaps wind turbines are fine for Aus and USA .. but for little England .. they destroy so much of our fragile landscape and the seas ... talk about destruction and then they don't seem to produce much power ...

Not that I'm against alternative energy .. and coal is awful I know - not sure where the balance lies ... fracking is probably fine for huge countries but ours - again not so sure; Canada/Alaska .. also not so sure ..

I see Greenpeace and others stopped the outlet near the Great Barrier Reef being constructed ...

Love marmite!

Cheers Hilary

Sue Travers said...

Hilary, our energy issues are a challenge whatever country you happen to be in. There's no easy answer, but reliance on fossil fuels is so dreadfully damaging for the health of those living nearby and for our longevity.
Re the Great Barrier Reef - unfortunately the fight continues, there are more companies consistently determined to undermine the Reef's protected status.

Vegemite (or at a pinch Marmite), white bread and butter - yum. It's the only time I ever eat white bread!