Monday, April 29, 2013

S is for Snow - images of America

Coming from a baking hot Australia, it was glorious to see, feel, hear and smell snow - and be COLD.
Those in cold climates may not understand the desire to be cold, particularly when you're miserable and it's been going on seemingly for ever, and I appreciate that, I really do! But having suffered through the hottest months on record - over 40 degrees celsius for day after long day - and swelteringly hot nights - and sizzled and gasped our way through killing heat and bush fires, it was a wonderful relief.
Snow scrunches delightfully underfoot - when you feet are behaving and not slip sliding every which way! ... and of course when you're not having to work in it, drive in it, shovel it, unfreeze pipes and all the other challenging aspects. But I'm conveniently overlooking the negatives for this post!

When the sun shines, wonderful shadows are cast, moving across the undulating snow in strange ways.

We thought a brisk walk before breakfast was pretty neat - others were more energetic and were jogging. So much for a society populated only by sedentary, overweight folk one hears so much about.

The beauty of snow on the distant shore and peaks is perfect for tourists to stop and ooh and aaah.
Bare bushes, spiky against and rolling curves of the mountains and puffy clouds. A beaut spot for a peaceful picnic.
 Even the plum blossom wants to get in on the act!



Hart Johnson said...

I think if I lived completely without it I could get it. I love winter. For about 3 weeks. Then I am REALLY tired of it. I definitely prefer summer, but then I live in a place that doesn't get nearly as much of it as I'd like and it is rarely so hot as to be miserable.

Sue Travers said...

Hart, I'm the same with summer. It's fine for a while, then gets hotter and hotter till you feel you can't breathe. Somewhere in between is what I'd like!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. I'm the same as Hart - this year has been awful .. I've seen enough of the white stuff to last me a lifetime .. well for a year or two if someone pleases! Lifetime much longer preferably!

I couldn't wait to get to England after South Africa and lots of heat - only to hit a heatwave here ... 21 years ago!! Couldn't wait for cool to come ... now I could do with some warm sun, not hot!! It's still frosty at night .. and it's May tomorrow!

Love the photos .. great shots .. and the commentary that you were enjoying the chance to have some cold .. cheers Hilary

Sue Travers said...

Thanks Hilary. I think it was that the heat was so intense this year, and so unrelenting - it was dreadful. I'm ok up to the mid 30's, but over 40 is incredibly unpleasant. Now of course it's getting chilly and we're thinking of heating the house!