Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Images of Reno - "The Biggest Little City in the World"


A city known for drive-through weddings. Do people still feel a sham wedding is preferable to living together? No one around, so Monday mustn't be popular!

The lovely Truckee River gurgling along, rushing over rocks, crossed by pretty bridges. The perfect spot for sidewalk cafes, coffee vans, buskers and general community happenings, but totally devoid of pedestrians at 10 on a Monday morning. Could it be a public holiday and everyone is sleeping in?

Locals directed us to the BEST breakfast spot at Peg's Glorified Ham n Eggs. The service was fast, the food arrived quickly and was well presented, fresh and tasted great!!
- now for an Aussie barrista to set up business and provide the coffee to match!
Nobody this way either!

A climbing wall towers over what looks
like it should be a busy street, but it's devoid of traffic and pedestrians at 10am.

Where is everyone? Have some pesky aliens spirited everyone away?

Six bright, welcoming chairs are patiently waiting for customers. No one here either - perhaps evening is the busy time?

Interesting sculptures await tourists with cameras. We feel rather conspicuous and vaguely out of place sauntering around with no one else about.

And lastly, a hole in the wall shop with assorted poker machines crammed in the front sells great hamburgers and mounds of chips. Far too many for one person! This was a meal suitable for two, or perhaps three! Was it obvious that I completely misunderstood the name of the outlet? I thought I was being taken to "Offal, offal" or perhaps "Aweful offal" but nooooo, that darned accent got me yet again! It was called "Aweful aweful" and it didn't live up to its name :-)

I'd visited Reno to extend my professional skills in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). There's more about the course over at traverselife



Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue .. sounds interesting - well at least you didn't have to hang around waiting for some food ..

Interesting to see and read about - cheers Hilary

Sue Travers said...

Hilary: Whilst there were few people on the streets, the cafe with the excellent food was packed! Are you doing The Challenge? I must pop over and see.