Saturday, January 15, 2011

aros. Agapanthus

Spheres of purple
thrust aloft on spindly spears

Look at me!
I'm beautiful!

A joy on a dreary drippy day

Their writhing roots
infiltrate and strangle native bush

an unintentional legacy
of our forebears

I wonder do I leave them or find the poison?



fyreflye said...

They really are beautiful, even in the pouring rain. Can you contain them somehow?
Are you safe from the floods?

Judy Shepps Battle said...

What a masterful description. I love your choice of words. Thank you!

sue said...

fyreflye: they're really hard to eradicate, we persist, and they grow back again. it's like they go "nyah, nyah, nyah". It's just as well they're so beautiful.

Judy: Thank you. I'm so encouraged by your comment (blushing at your choice of the word "masterful")