Thursday, January 27, 2011

aros. Summer breeze (catching up!)

Closed against bright evening sun
cream curtains
against open window
billow and relax, rhythmically
like lungs expanding and contracting.

A welcome summer breeze
fills the room.

A river of stones is a project started by Fiona &Kaspa to encourage people to engage with the world through writing. In 2011 they invited people to join them in writing a small stone each day during January. 


Miss Becky said...

Sue, I love this. It's a familiar sight from summer and oh how long it's been since my window was open to a breeze. I don't need a photograph, I see it.

Barb said...

How nice to visit your sun and summer breezes as I am still encased in winter.

sue said...

Miss Becky - I'm enjoying learning to see and share!
Barb - to share a bit of summer with you is a pleasure. We would have to travel to New Zealand to find anything at high as where you live!