Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"f" words

Fickle files flummox frantic female

"fabulous feature" foto found!



(I know I cheated with photo, but couldn't resist)



writingsfromwildsoul said...

Fantastic! What an amazing tree! Did you take that? What sort is it?

sue said...

Wrensong, I was so absorbed in this tree I nearly forgot to take a photo. It's a eucalyptus somewhere in Western Australia, towards the Margaret River region. It's possibly a 'salmon gum', but I'm not sure. I hope someone will be able to tell us. It was HUGE. Aren't the branches incredible!

Miss Becky said...

It reminds me of a most beautiful tree in the movie "Australia". that bark is fantastic. I just want to feel it. I can see how you would get carried away with just taking it in, in every way possible. great shot Sue! I hope you have a beautiful day.

sue said...

Miss Becky, Some trees invite stroking, and this one was almost sensuous or voluptuous - though I've never thought about a tree like that before ;)