Friday, February 11, 2011

Munching cows.

There are no worries about Mad Cow Disease in this environment. The biggest irritation these lovely ladies would experience would be random cyclists stopping and taking photos, then remembering to bat their ridiculously long eyelashes over their blissfully brown eyes.
Living like this probably means they don't need hormones to increase their milk production, and hopefully they don't get pumped with many antibiotics either.
This area around Kilkunda is rather swampy, and the cows and Paperbark trees thrive. It's possible to pull thin layers of the creamy white bark from the Paperbark trees and write on the smooth surface.

I just realised the title is ambiguous. It refers to cows munching grass, not me munching a cow.


Miss Becky said...

you leave me wondering if you've written on a creamy white thin layer of bark pulled from the tree.
or if you've been a random cyclist stopping to take photos of munching cows :) very nicely done.
I love that photo.

Anonymous said...

Paper bark trees. Kilkunda. So foreign, so exotic to this one from the central forests of the US. these ladies are familiar, calming, slow, curious, icons of country around the world. Lovely description.

sue said...

Becky, I was the cyclist, but I have been known to play with the bark too.
WFWS, It's one of the many joys of blogging I think, hearing about different places and happenings. Calming is a lovely word to describe cows.

EG Wow said...

I would think these cows are very happy with lots of grass to munch and shade too.

sue said...

EGW, it's a perfect environment, not only for cows, but people too, so peaceful.