Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday #145. Tiny shadows

I was going to continue with the story from yesterday, and how I stupidly got sunburnt at the beach ☹ but got sidetracked when I rediscovered this bug in my shadow file.

Is it edible?

I was on my way to work one afternoon, to a new location, and was way too early, so stopped off at a park that had been flooded recently.

No food here

I had my camera out, taking photos of trees when this little creature landed on my hand.

Ready for takeoff!

I was juggling the camera, trying not to startle the little guy and am pleased with the beautifully delicate shadows he cast.


Thanks to Tracy at Hey Harriet for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday. Hop on over to see shadows from around the world.

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Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

Do you ever wonder if people are watching you when you're taking shadow shots...I'm sure in my neck o the woods, they've learned to look the other way!

Sunburn...SO NOT FAIR!!!

chubskulit said...

Beautiful captures!

My Shadow Shots

Ralph said...

When the word 'edible' was mentioned, was that the bug...or you??

This insect has a beautiful texture full of wonderful details. There are flecks of gold on the shell, and there is a hint of an iridescent blue as well.

Ot is nice that the bug agreed to participate in a shadow shot!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Amazing focus on such a small creature. Fantastic could be fingerprinted from these photos. Well done.

sue said...

SR-JR, Yes! and I suspect they think I'm mad. My camera is a small point and press, so if they are a distance away I must look loopy to say the least! Sorry to mention the sunburn ;)
Ralph - ugh no! I can get quite gushy about the textures and colouring of bugs, they are exquisite, and generally blasé about participating on the world stage!
CTexasGal, the thought that I could be 'identified' from my fingerprints had crossed my mind!

Sylvia K said...

I love the bug!!! I know the people in our neighborhood think I'm a total nut case, but they have no idea how much fun we have, do they???? I'll have more brandy by the time you get here, Sue! Don't I wish! It's always such fun to get together with blogging friends! I've done that a couple of times in the past few weeks and it is the best! Thanks as always for your visit/comment!! Much appreciated!


Hey Harriet said...

I'm sure I can see glitter on that little bug! He's very cool! Sorry to hear about the sunburn. Ouch! I experienced it a few weeks ago and I'm still peeling...

Have a great week Sue!

forgetmenot said...

I'm not a huge insect lover (sorry), but they do make for some interesting photos (and the shadows). Great shots. Mickie

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a fascinating beetle, very nice irridescence in its wings

Angie said...

Fantastic shots, Sue. You have to watch that sun. Spent last two days reading 'tapestry' by Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli (excellent) & 'Before I Forget' by Georgette Noellat (quick read, not bad).Still 36 outside

Sarah said...

What an obliging beetle it was to stay for the photoshoot! I love the coppery shell and the delicate shadows.

Spadoman said...

Very cool, the photo, and the fact the bug paid you a visit without invitation,(Or at least any invitation that you made on purpose). Maybe it was a spirit that needed to tell you something. Anyway, cast a neato shadow. Good capture.


(This comment is not quite half a drabble)

Anonymous said...

I love these shots! Sometimes my husband walks ahead and pretends he's not with me when I take photos of strange things!

Carolina Mountains said...

Great close up! Not everyone thinks bugs interesting!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Mr. Bug appears to be fascinated with your thumb!


Many shadow-seekers say,
“Oh, the one that got away!”
Why are you so uptight, folks?
Can’t you take light’s little jokes?

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Shimmering Women

Julie (Legacy Crafter) said...

What a cute little bug. But glad he's on your hand not mine! Sorry not a fan of the creepy crawlies but I do love your shadow shots with him and your blog is great.
God Bless,

sue said...

Sylvia, I know what you mean, but it's great to know I'm in good company. We'll put the brandy on hold for another week!
Tracy, I'm just so annoyed with myself for ...being so thick I guess.
Mickie, I never would have thought of myself as an insect lover, but might have to change my view of myself I think!
CGP, it was the shimmer that caught my eye when it landed on me
Thanks Angie, I'll check them out-always looking for new reading matter! and GRRRR to me for forgetting the SPF 200+ or whatever it is now. Your weather sounds horribly relentless. Hope you get a cool change soon!
Sarah, he was very skittish and scampered around on my hand quite enthusiastically.
Spadoman, I guess I just smelt! Maybe he was telling me to slow down a bit - I'm pleased I listened. 1/2 a drabble! good start!
frayedattheedge, LOL, I can just hear the conversation "darling, that was so embarrassing when you crawled under the table in the cafe to take a picture of some interesting shadows"!
CarolinaMountains, yep, I know what you mean, this is new to me. A month or so ago I wouldn't have included myself in the group at all.
MMT, love your ditties, thanks for dropping by.
Julie, thankyou! In many ways I'm not too keen on them myself, but they're often quite beautiful even if creepy!

Anonymous said...

Sunburn? Doesn't that come from sun? I've heard rumors of such a thing, but memories seem to have faded ...

Interesting little critter. It looks positively evil, but casts nice shadows.

sue said...

Woody, I get the feeling a lot of you in the northern hemisphere have forgotten what the orb in the sky is, It seems to have been hidden for way too long. Remember to be careful when it reappears!

Eden said...

What a friendly bug! Looks like he wanted to pose for your camera. Great captures.

Kathe W. said...

cute little bug- nicely shot!