Monday, February 14, 2011

Random comments about trees and rainbow lorikeets

Back to trees, and one in particular: THAT apple tree.

I tried to get a shot of it to show the volume of fruit left - failure.
Tried to get a shot of the rainbow lorikeets eating the fruit - failure.
Managed to show eaten fruit - success-ish
Picked up limb with fruit - it's heavy - it may snap if I don't pick all the fruit soon, or ask the neighbours in to assist.

But I realised that one of the things that's stands out is the colour of the tree. It's such a bright green, and a vibrant contrast with the colours of the other trees round here.

Have a look, and you'll see what I mean:
Apple tree...........
(If you look closely you can see the fallen fruit and the remnants of what the birds have shared with us.)

Now compare that colour with some leaves from a Lemon Scented Gum.....

The apple now looks a bit brash and garish.

Speaking of brash and garish, if you now look at some of the maurading Rainbow Lorikeets, you'd wonder how their colouring could possibly be considered a disguise.

It's extremely effective and they're hard to see in the eucalypts!

I think the one on the left looks like it's criticising the one next to it. "Ooh look at those feathers on your back, you haven't done a very good job of preening, and you've got a speck of yellow on your blue front, and it's dappled, how quaint, it's not like my lovely solid blue. And the one on the right is wondering whether to fly away or stick up for his mate"...just a thought....


Boonie S said...

This is an enjoyable post.
Re the 3 birds: I love your interpretation. I think that the one on the right has no decision to make because the nag-ee looks like he couldn’t care less (why do I immediately assume that he’s male?).

All the best, Boonie

Miss Becky said...

your post was thoroughly enjoyable and then I read Boonie's comment and it got even funnier. I've no idea what a Lorikeet is but they look similar to a parrot? and I do like the name. I almost need to pinch myself - your season is opposite of mine. so I'm guessing high summer is over and slowing down a bit. winter is losing it's grip here and the cat-mouse game between Spring and Winter has almost begun. I hope you enjoy an apple pie or two :) have a beautiful day Sue!

sue said...

Interesting Boonie, so did I, and I couldn't work out why. Nagee is a perfect word, thanks for adding to my vocab!
Becky, I agree, Boonie's comments crack me up, and I promise that I'll never read one of his comments when I'm drinking a cup of tea, then promptly forget, laugh, and the screen suffers dreadfully!
They're already talking about Autumn coming, yet we feel that Summer passed us by this year. I'm looking forward to reading about your change of seasons and trees budding as we begin to get colder mornings.
My apple cooking is improving thanks :)
Have a beaut week Becky.
oh lorikeets are similar to parrots, and very sqwarky (can't spell what I want to, hope you can work out what that word is meant to be)