Sunday, January 30, 2011

aros. ShShSu #141. Spectacles, seaweed & feathers

Feathers discarded during vigorous preening
catch on a fragment of seaweed

cast shadows

gently, gently spin 


One of the frustrating things about being far-sighted,

at the beach,
in Summer,
wearing prescription sunglasses,
enthusiastically looking for shadows,
camera in hand, poised,
at the ready -
is that, with my sunnies on, my vision is fine,
I should be able to see the screen.

But my very practical sunnies are polarised, the screen appears black – there’s nothing there.

If I take them off
I can’t see the camera screen,
everything is blurry.

I shoot blind.

It’s only when I get home to my laptop that I can see what I’ve taken.

I celebrate when something appears
in focus!

To see shadows from around the world drop in at Hey Harriet who hosts Shadow Shot Sunday.

A Drabble is a story told in 100 words. No more, no less.

A river of stones is a project started by Fiona &Kaspa to encourage people to engage with the world through writing. In 2011 they invited people to join them in writing a small stone each day during January (and July!)



Sylvia K said...

What a different, delightful, gorgeous shadow shot for the day! You caught a gem this time for sure, Sue! Hope your weekend is going well!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

For shooting blind, you do a wondrous job!


If you see a shadow
And want to keep it near,
Point your trusty shooter
(Make sure the lens is clear);
Press with care the shutter,
Do not slam or sock it—
Then you’ll have a photo
To carry in your pocket!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

A Splendid, Shadowy Door

Anonymous said...

That is such a cool shadow and the water looks like shimmering gold.

MyMaracas said...

Wow, what a spectacular shot! Love this one.

I have vision challenges too, so I can sympathize with your difficulties.

Gengen said...

Oh that is really great...Happy SSS!

Chubskulit Rose said...

What a gorgeous shadow shot.

My shadow shot, have a blessed Sunday!

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Amazing shot! It still resembles a bird even though it is now just two feathers. Sharp eyes, m'dear!

Unknown said...

Lovely photo. The clear water and the shadow, well done. Charmaine

BLOGitse said...

Don't worry, you're not alone. If I forget my glasses I shoot blind as well :)
This is a great shot.
Have a good week ahead!

Hootin' Anni said...

Gold leaf brings on a whole new meaning here!! And your prose is such a wonderful added touch.

Mermaid Shadows

Hope you're having a super Sunday!!

Dianne said...

that is a joyful image :)

your comment on my shadow made perfect sense, it was beautiful

Anonymous said...

Ha! I know what you mean about the glasses.
Great shot!

Martha Z said...

Such perfection of image when you couldn't see clearly. One needs to enlarge the image to truely appreciate it.

Sue said...

Sylvia, thankyou. It's a satisfying experience when something turns out.
MMT, that's something I need to remember when I'm in a rush - 'not to slam or sock it!'
Woody, thankyou, funny how I hadn't noticed, but shimmering gold is an apt description.
MyMaracas, it can be frustrating at times can't it.
Gengen, thankyou, I look forward to sharing Sundays.
Chubskulit, thankyou,
Paula, yes, it's interesting how two feathers can represent the whole bird.
Charmaine, I love paddling in these crystal clear pools, even though they are often cold.
BLOGitse, it's interesting how we can still get good shots (sometimes) even without the all important glasses.
Anni, love that expression 'gold leaf', and am a bit ashamed I didn't notice it earlier.
Dianne, joyful describes it well, thankyou.
Joan, another sufferer! but we keep smiling and enjoying the photographic journey ;)
Martha, I'm only just discovering the potential of digital images. WOW, I've been missing out on such a lot!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo, but I understand that wearing glasses lens itself to all sorts of problems and as a result you often miss the spectacle of the occassion....

Have a nice day, Boonie

Ms. Becky said...

this is a splendid photo. and yes, it's only when you "get home to my laptop that I can see what I've taken". sometimes it's a dud and when it isn't, oh my. I think you have a lot of "oh my" moments. have a beautiful day Sue!

Sue said...

Boonie, thankyou for visiting with your delightfully dangerous puns.
Miss Becky, Yes, I do, and there's the possibility I could spend a bit too much time playing, but it's so exciting!
Have a wonderful day.