Monday, January 17, 2011

aros. On writing a Pebble for the River - Mindfully

A breath
a pause
a sigh

I slow and see
for the first time today
what's been in front of me all along


'till it becomes an integral part
of the rhythm 
of my days.

Mindfulness. Remember!

A river of stones is a project started by Fiona &Kaspa to encourage people to engage with the world through writing. In 2011 we invited people to join us in writing a small stone each day during January. Get involved.


Wendy Sarno said...

"I slow and see for the first time today what's been in front of me all along"
Oh, yes. You remind me to slow down in order to see.
And beautifully said.

Sue said...

wrensong, and it's good for me to reread and remember too!

fyreflye said...

This is really beautiful and a lovely reminder.

Sue said...

fyrefly, I have no idea where this came from, but I find I'm rereading it yet again with appreciation, as if someone else wrote it. Strange business this writing caper.

Michelle said...

I would love to try something like this. Never written anything, not sure I have it in me. Where and how to start?

Sue said...

Michelle, good on you. Follow the River of Stones thing over there on the right (Note I managed to get it there all by myself!) and go to the "not too late to start" bit on their blog. I think it explains sort of how to do it...well one way anyway. I've been dipping into the blogroll of participants and it's fascinating how different people interpret it.

Some people add photos or artwork and write a few words related to that.

Needless to say I was a bit (extremely!) self conscious about putting words down - I've found I love the process of forcing myself to be brief (!!)