Monday, May 2, 2011

A-Z of Alliterative Drabbles - A-Z Blogging Challenge April 2011

I posted 31 *Drabbles during April, some days I got carried away and posted two drabbles.  I'd planned to write them all on climate related themes, but got distracted and included ones on learning difficulties as well. I managed between 15 and 40 alliterations on most drabbles, on quite a few posts I included sound alike words too, it was a fabulous, fun month of blogging. (A *Drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.)
  • A  Art about artists and art exhibitions included 40 A words. 
  • B  Bereft of bananas about the devastation from Cyclone Yasi included 27 B words.
  • C  Climate & children 2 x drabbles. The first about climate challenges included 27 C words, the second about children with learning difficulties included 24 C words.
  • D  Distinguished Scientists and the difficulties they have in being misrepresented by Shock Jocks included 32 D words.
  • E  Environment & Ethics. About the ethical use of our environment included 23 E words.
  • F  Fretful is about my concerns for our environment. It included 27 F words. None rude!
  • G  Geographers celebrates these salt of the earth people ... Hi A! I managed 36 wonderful G words.
  • H  Horrible Feelings & Hearing. 2 x drabbles. the first again about the environment had 28 H words, the second about children with hearing difficulties ... Hi L! ... also included 28 H words. 
  • I   Inspiring 2 x drabbles The first is about Sir David Attenborough with 30 I words the second about children with learning difficulties with 32 I words.
  • J   Justice & Jam 2 x drabbles. The First about a university lecturer fired when it was discovered he was dyselxic (with 22 J words)  the second about my attempt to make marmalade contained 21 J words. With thanks to my brother for the cumquats.
  • K  Knowledge contained 16 K words and is about a friend wanting to return to work.
  • L  Lighten up It was getting a bit depressing focusing on so much negativity.  It was fun posting photos of fun places I've travelled to. The words I'd chosen for L happened to coincide with my 1st blogiversary. A few of us had a virtual party! Oh, there are 39 L words.
  • M  Marvellous Ideas relates to the need to find alternative fuels to coal, and the derision when alternatives are suggested. I included 30 M words.
  • N  Nincompoop and Napalm is about Vietnam Vets and PTSD. It contains 30 N words.
  • O  Outrageous. A true story that still disgusts me; about a bullying teacher. A restrained 20 O words.
  • P  Penguins. Well you can be lucky! I wrote the post then my husband came home with photos of a penguin taken locally. There are 36 P words and the post relates to climate change.
  • Q  Quinces. Thankyou lovely neighbour for the lush fruit! I managed 18 Q words.
  • R  Reliable & Roberto's Report. 2 x drabbles. The first about climate and water challenges (30 R words) the second a salute to a fellow blogger who helps out when bloggy things go awry. (27 W words 4 WR words).
  • S  Shilly-shally is about climate issues again. There are 36 S words related to oil and water depletion.
  • T  Tense is about workplace bullying. There are 33 T words (My eyes are fuzzing up, so don't get miffed if I'm counting inexactly)
  • U  Unwanted attention related to childhood bullying, and the long term damage that can result. I only managed 21 U words.
  • V  Valiant volunteers is a tribute to all the amazing people who give their time to help others, often working in inhospitable conditions without any recompense for pay lost. For Tim and his mates! 21 V words.
  • W  Weirdo is a repost - I was tired. It's about a relative with Aspergers. It's not an alliterative post. 
  • X  Dr Xing. My brain had gone to mush, I snuck in sound alike words and pretend I got to15!
  • Y  Yollanda and her yellow yacht. A good opportunity to include some lovely photos! There could be 24 Y words.
  • Z  Zero is about a child with a learning difficulty and his heartache. This is for you L and all the crap you survived at school. There could be 20 Z words.
Luna Park St Kilda - near Melbourne
April was a bit of a roller coaster ride!
Gosh, seeing it all together is pretty neat. That was worth the effort, though I'm looking forward to a change of pace!

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Mickey Burdick said...

Awesome job on the challenge! I really enjoyed reading along. So now what? I'm looking forward to more!

baygirl32 said...

Enjoy that mug of tea! I hope its an extra large one. Great work on the challenge, it was quite the ride

Pam Williams said...

I found your blog late in the challenge so I really appreciate your listing them all this way in your wrap up. I look forward to taking the time to read each one--I love reading as much or even more than I love writing so this will be a treat! Thanks so much for posting your work!

Jan Morrison said...

Yes, I'm joining you with that mug! We're done and it was a fun party - hope to stay in touch with you cuz I like ya!

Sue said...

Mickey, aaw come on, I'm hyperventilating at the thought of more! I have no idea what's next, but guaranteed it will be something a bit more random AFTER i've had a break! It'll be good to see you back here.
baygirl, the tea was great, I'll stop for another in a moment
Pam, there are so many blogs to visit, quite overwhelming. It'll be great if you find time to visit again and comment too!
Jan, I'll certainly be in touch! You're a great teacher, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think that you produced a great series. Ten out of ten (or 31 out of 31?) to Auswegia!!!
Enjoy your cuppa.

All the best, Boonie

Sue said...

Boonie, thanks :) great to see the fantastic pineapple plants!
I wanted to say the following, but it seemed inappropriate over at your blog: I don't feel so alone when reading that others also grieve for how we debase ourselves by celebrating, and am heartened by the revulsion being expressed by so many people about the reaction to that event. I find it comforting to know that we may not be loud and aggressive, but we're here. I'm not sure how to put it into words, but I'm so glad I've got friends like you and CC and others online.

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

I'll make my mug coffee and join in. You were very enthusiastic last month. I could barely manage a single post.
Thanks for joining me.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

You did an amazing job with the challenge. Your muse and imagination are wonders. I hope your new challenges are all fun ones, Roland

Golden Eagle said...

Cool! I love the way you gathered together all your posts.

Congratulations on finishing the challenge! :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

Congratulations on surviving the A to Z challenge! I'm still trying to catch up on A to Z participant blogs.

Better is Possible said...

Congratulations on completing not one but TWO challenges. Amazing. I've been following your posts and have really enjoyed them. Hopefully now that the challenge is over there will be more time for me to leave comments.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your very kind and generous words. I feel much the same way - although I’m a little more cautious in my praise of Mrs S’s pineapples……
Take care.

Very best wishes, Boonie

Hart Johnson said...

You did a great job! I think it's hard day in and day out to come up with all the like-lettered stuff! Congrats on finishing with style!

Sue said...

G&G, meh! you did some, and I'm looking forward to life settling down a bit more so I can come and enjoy your writing properly.
Roland, thanks, I'll try to incorporate the word "fun" into my vocab!
Golden Eagle, I got the idea from someone else, and found it very interesting. It gave me a real sense of achievement. Thanks!
Shannon, I know what you mean! It's a massive challenge to visit everyone.
BiP, thankyou, lovely to have your feedback, I really appreciate it. Leaving comments is a bit of a time eater isn't it, I've done the same thing!
Boonie :)
Hart, thanks for visiting, I'd love to have managed a drabble like yours - something to aim for!

Thanks everyone, I'm looking forward to life gaining a bit of normality you think that's wishful thinking?